Wednesday, 26 March 2014

This is the Bomb

Woah, woah, woah, woah. I love this jacket.
I wanted the pattern for a very long time, and knew I wanted a silk version rather than a tracksuity looking one, mainly because I'm a bogan and therefore already have about 23 fleecy zip hoodies that are similar. 
It is my first Papercut Patterns make and as loads of peeps have previously said, they have the cutest packaging ever!
Had so much fun putting the booklet together and I love the thicker brown paper.
I found the instructions easy to follow and the sizing was not so far off my measurements which I also love.
I almost fell over when I saw this silk remnant at a Lincraft sale.
1. Because I was looking for a bright floral Silk
2. Because it cost me like $7
(ps. thanks weekend husband, this 'Sale' cost me about $150, but I still love you for it)
I was scared I wasn't going to pull through with this bomber because it was my first time with welt pockets, underlining, self lining a jacket and any sort of hem ribbing and was pretty much all round shitting myself. But, I did it, go me, and I couldn't wait to post about it.
I love the loose but tight (er that doesn't make sense Bec) fitting nature of the jacket, and the all round comfyness of it. I was originally going to have the hem in a neutral colour, but opted for purple. Surprising I know.
I used a pink satin (also at the sale, $12) for the underlining as the silk was completely transparent. I used the same method for cutting the silk out as I did with my Anna Dress. Then hand stitched the silk to the satin pieces. UGH. Hand sewing. I then sewed the jacket together as instructed.
Welt pocket. Ahahah. Oh man. check this out. Errr not sure what is happening there..

I cut the seam alloance and pretended nothing happened, one pocket is smaller than the other but whatevs.
At this point I knew I needed a lining. I used a beautiful purple lining from Tessuti, which feels gorgeous against the skin.
I effectively made another jacket and joined it around the neckline/arms right sides together then flipped it in.
I left the ribbing till last and then overlocked the insides.
Also.. not sure what happened here, but I figure no one will see it.
(this is a lie, I always show people my c#*k ups first)

Should have probably kept the facing as well, and did some sort of shove the lining in there and stitch the hem on, does that make sense? Here.. kinda like Clare did, smart woman.
Overall I'm really happy with how it turned out.. I think I need to be a bit more 'Out there' with my outfit choices to pair it with, but hopefully I'll come around.

Also I wore my black Georgia to a friends Surprise 30th on the weekend. Here's some little piccies of the hubs and me :)
Oooh Attractive. Hmm I got some serious drunk eye happening there. My little hubs, what a cutie pants. 
This ones my fav, naturally haha 

Let me know what you think of the Rigel, and if you're planning on making one! :O

Monday, 10 March 2014

By Hand London Love

Hey There,
Eep another long time with no post. There is a reason tho, not just my lazy ways.
Since I got back from Tas (the size of a hippo) I have been trying to lose weight, so decided to not sew anything for myself until it was worth my while.
It gave me a chance to hem some curtains *yawn*and sew some cushions to pass the time.. after about 34 cushions ending up on the couch I had lost some weight and decided I might sew something for myself.. the husband agreed..(he's currently suffocating in cushions)

So I decided on a 'Fat dress' if you will, something flowy and not tight that I could wear to work, casual outings etc.. since I've been wearing my Polly Top alot to work, I thought hey why not make it into a dress, so I did.
I used leftover cotton sateen from my New look 6124 dress, which I dont think I blogged, but looks along the lines of this one. The purple is a light linen which I only had about 1.5 mtrs of that I picked up from the local Op Shop Sewing Centre for $2 ;)
I wear it to work at least once a week, because its easy, colourful and much more fun than my boring black suits. Also it looks really cute with my Mel flats, that I totally bought after seeing them on Roisin's site that woman's shoes..*drool*
So once I started with the sewing and the fitting and the cutting out of fabric, I was like an addict.
This is where Georgia came in. Oh Georgia.
I have been madly following the #Georgiadress tag on Instagram for agessss, dying to make one. I love the shape, I love everyone's versions, and lets be honest I just love everything By Hand London do.
I swear every time I catch up, they bring another pattern out. You are killing me girls.

So I made one... then I made another one.. and I already want another.
GAH.. I couldn't help it. She was calling to me.

The dress itself comes together pretty quickly,
I made a muslin which I noted left my boobs a bit like HELLO THERE but whatevs.
The blue satin was my first and woah it tis a bit tight. (side note: put the pizza down)
I cut a size US12 and left all the seams at 5/8". I shouldn't have.
Also I'm not sure I am in love with the fabric/colour :/  But this may be because I am not used to the shinyness of satin?
So next up was my Black version, this fabric is like a cottony stretchy corduroy weird thing haha.. 
I still cut a size 12 but changed the seams to 3/4. This made the fit better, and more comfortable, also no zip needed ;)
Due to the fabric being so thick I had to top stitch the bodice to stop it from bloody moving around, oh and trying to handstitch the lining in was a Bitch.
I also tapered the skirt to make it more pencil style :)
I really REALLY want to make her in a Cotton Sateen, I just haven't found the right colour yet.. Dark Purple people. Keep your eyes peeled for me.
Ugh please excuse my disgusting hair, I am DYING to get in done soon, but due to the PPS it is rarer than normal.

Totally unrelated to sewing, I am planning a Europe Trip with the Hubs in Sept.. Wooohooo!
I know the blogosphere is large, and would LOVE any advice/suggestions about where to go, what to see (where the fabric shops are) ;)
Apart from our Topdeck tour (eastern spirit if your interested or have done it before?) which is planned, we are visiting:
Rome, Munich, Barcelona, Paris, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Dubai. :D

PPPS: How do you stop yourself from feeling like a twit in pictures?

Would love to hear from you

Thursday, 16 January 2014


Hey Peeps,

Firstly Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a little break and spent time with loved ones:)
Sorry I haven't posted anything of value for like months.. I been a tad busy and a tad lazy.
Also I have been In Tasmania from the 21st of December, and without my little sewing machine.
It was my Hubbys 30th (orginally from Tas) and a whole bunch of us went down to celebrate. Here we are being all 'touristy'..
This week little miss and I reunited, but we are having a heat wave in little old Adelaide and I cant bring myself to sew in my 40+ degree room at the moment. I will be back on the wagon when it gets below 35..

I do however have some makes to share I finished last year..
First up, The Portside Travel Set!! Love, love, love this. I have made two sets.. one, technically a 'practice' for the second set which was a Christmas present for my mother-in-law (which obv I couldn't show on here)... which she loved.. and cried a little over.. which was a bad but good thing haha :) (her's is the bottom set)
This pattern came together quickly once all the pieces were cut and interfaced, and I really love the size and how the pouches turned out..she also promised to send me pics of it in action ;)

Second is the Cambie Dress..
I'm not really sure how I feel about this make (or my face.. what the), I love the fabric, so was a bit disappointed when I tried it on and wasn't really feeling it.. I don't think I like the lower waistband or the way the front sits so far out so you can see my boobs from 4 meters away (and normally I like that).. hard to explain, and too hot to take pics in the heat at the mo..PLUS it doesn't help that I gained like a gazillion kilos on holidays and now it zips but I look like a beached whale -_- 
I reallllyyy want to make another one and try a little harder with the fit, but is the waistband supposed to be lower? maybe its just my guts? (highly likely)

Also while away I did some knitting, my MIL who is an avid knitter and has a cupboard full of kids toys (hint hint) showed me how to knit last time she was in Adelaide, and as soon as she left I cocked up whatever stitch I was doing and could no longer continue with my snood. Sad face.
So I started up again once I was back in Tas and Tada! Snood completed.. notice the mistakes knitters,oops
At this point I think I can only manage scarfs and to give you an idea, it's 46 degrees today.. so may just hold off on the knitting for awhile..


Also just realised I put the date for the giveaway down as 13th Dec, instead of 13th Jan (still late Bec) Err sorry about that..shocking I know.
Anyway the winners are:
Happy blogiversary!! I really like V1230, not sure I need more patterns, but I love the sleeve detail in this one :) Looking forward to seeing your next make


Gjeometry Happy Blogiversary Bec!! I really like the V1329 colour blocked dress. I also like how they put the white around the edges instead of a darker colour. Apparently there's this 'rule' where you have to make yourself look slimmer and/or curvier by putting the dark colour block on the outside, but I think this version looks terrific! I'm not sure if it is for knits or not, but I would like to make it up in a Ponte knit. I have never used Ponte before but I know it is supposed to be very stable and thick so the dress could be worn in the winter. And, colours? No idea, but probably I would put the lighter colour on the outside, same as this version.
Congrats!! I cant wait to see what you make :) Please contact me via email with your address and i'll get posting ;)

Every time I'm away I feel like I miss out on a million blog posts :( Mainly because when I have access to my computer I am like constantly reading them haha, so let me know what you've been up to in the comments if you like! and Link me to any makes you think I might have missed! ;)

Also completely unrelated, but LOOK at that face

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Blogiversary + Giveaway

Hi All,

On Friday it was my one year blogiversary weeee.. I feel like I should make some sort of resolutions about what I will try to do next year.. you know.. more posts, better content blah blah.. but I never keep resolutions so I figure I'll just skip past that...

Anyhow the Exciting bit, the giveaway!
I went trawling through my ever expanding stash and found these patterns, that I love, but will probably never get around to making,d.dGI
Cute yes?
So I'd like to know why you would like to own these/what fabric choices you would go with ..etc.. anything you want to tell me :)

I'll post anywhere, coz I love all my followers, not just the Ozzies ;)
I'll pick a winner on Friday the 13th... oooooohhhh..

Good Luck! :)

Sunday, 10 November 2013

my little silk goddess

This baby has got to be one of my favourite makes yet.
It is of course the Anna Dress in 100% Silk Habutai, from the lovely ladies at Tessuti.
It was $28 a metre and I bought 5 metres, I also bought beautiful lining which I didn't end up using at all, so it's gone to the stash..I only ended up using about 3ish metres.. so this dress ended up costing around $100 all up:)

I decided to wear a slip underneath and using bias binding on the neckline.
The neck binding and the zipper insertion took me about 3 hours, due to me constantly thinking I would screw it up, it was sewn at the pace of a snail... progress shots..
(luckily I have a large dining table)
 (ooh yeah frenchies and zipper)
(right before heming)
God I was so worried about touching, cutting, sewing, pinning, zipper insertioning, french seaming, marking, hemming this gorgeous fabric that it took me about 3 months before I even took it out of the bag.
To the readers of my blog that dont sew, (i.e my mates and family that like to make me feel good about my sewing) you know that feeling you have when you have satin sheets on the bed, and your wearing boxer shorts/silky nightie and you jump on the bed and slide onto the ground. Imagine sewing that shit together.
I researched ALOT of different ways to pretty much do everything on this dress,
I had a beautiful email with alot of very helpful information from Lauren after I asked her some questions about how she was planning on going about her Silk Anna, which of course I took on board because she is a genius.
I used Jen's method for cutting the silk, found here, which worked perfectly, time consuming with a maxi yes, but well worth it...
I also used her easy roll hem tute, also well worth looking at :)
Oh and if you're wondering why some of my normally shithouse pictures look so different in this post, it's because my bro's wonderful photographer girlfriend Sal (Rollabilly Photgraphy) offered to take these for me :)
Very summertime, so it's perfect timing. I made this dress specifically to wear to my brother-in-laws wedding in Tassie in a couple of weeks, so I'm hoping the weather holds out ;)
Let me know what you think:)

p.s this post totally made me remember to book my hair appointment, ouch

Monday, 4 November 2013

Long time no post

Hello There,

Well my silk Anna only has the hem to be done and then she is completed:)
(sneak peaks on my Instagram, booyeah on the zip)
Will hopefully get some pics of her on the weekend.. until then here are some things I've been creating..

I made the above dress, New Look 6124 in version A this time, and I love the neckline. It seems I'm getting faster as this only took me about 5 hours to put together, but I have made it before.
It seems I must have sewn seams at 3/4 last time and didn't make notes.. ahh so cant breathe it in very well, but I'm sure ill kick on ;)

I also made this Elisalex skirt version with the cutest puppy fabric ever. SAUSAGE DOGS PEOPLE.
I started to make a.. get this.. stretch denim Anna. WTF. To be fair it was past midnight and I probably should have just gone to bed.
I am also in the process of making a Negroni for the hubs...
  I still have this Anorak pattern from Style Arc, which I have been wanting to make up for agesssss, but haven't found an olive green in the right kind of fabric.. so I settled and bought this Lightweight Twill.
Now all I have to worry about are the vague (for me) instructions :| eeep. Does anyone know of any versions?
aaannnndd I just got these babies today. . *squeeeel*
Also completely unrelated to any of the above.. If any of you lovely ladies in blog land have suggestions for a great pants pattern I would love to hear it. In case you didn't notice I have more junk in the trunk than most, so a pattern to suit the err "Curvier" type butts would be great :)
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